that glitchy old OWL!

Olin Workshop on the Library

The Software of Summer

June 1st - July 28th, 2017

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This Summer the Library will be running a small, software-focused studio. We’re wondering if you might like to get onboard?

Summer 2015, Olin Workshop on the Library, OWL that glitchy old OWL!, gave the Library a facelift. We gave a small number of students a disporportionately large opportunity to create something for the Community. We built things, stuck vinyl stickers, it was great.

Summer 2017 will be smaller group of folks creating something for the the community in a different medium. Physical space is no longer our new medium, digital space is.

/* work with me here... */
This {is the: #Software_of_Summer;}

We want to create new tools and opportunities, but our "hammer" will be a text editor, not a shopbot.


This Summer, that glitchy old OWL! will operate as a software Research & Development Studio. We will investigate Community Technology.

What is Community Technology? Here's an internal working definition.

/* community technology... */

    Grows out of Libraries, not Silicon Valley
    Eschews scalability -- more intranet than internet
    Exists online to facilitate offline experience

The opportunity here is not to invent the new, rather reinterpret the old.

/* these tools could use a little love... */

    Bulletin Boards.

Ours will be a supportive but challenging environment. We'll build open source software that bends expectation. And in the process, "levels-up" our coding experience and confidence.


What will our Community Technology be made of?

Python? Javascript? We'll looking for folks that can make web apps with the Library. (We aren't developers.)

but I'm not like amazing at software. Or even that good. ...should I still apply?

Yes. We’re looking for folks with some software experience, but passion and commitment -- and an excitement about working with software all Summer -- goes a long way. This will be a Summer of learning for everybody.

if I'm waiting to hear back on something else, should I still apply?

Yes. Mention that on your google application form (see below).

I haven't done any that glitchy old OWL! stuff before, does that matter?

Not at all, this is open to everybody.

How many students will there be?

A small number. Much smaller than OWL 2015.

All seven of the OWL Team

so what will I be doing?

Talking, coding, drinking coffee/tea/water, listening to music, reading some inspiring materials, sharing, coding.

A week might look something like this:

what a week may look like



    Ford, Paul. What is Code?, Bloomberg Business Week, June 11, 2015, web.
    Victor, Bret. Inventing On Principle. CUSEC (the Canadian University Software Engineering Conference), 2012. Web.

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